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When the sun goes down turn on Flashflight for the best in light up glowing frisbees!
Finally, a flying disc that lights up and glows! The ultimate glowing night time flying disc is finally here!! We now have Flashflight fiber optic glow disc, the ultimate in fiber optic flying discs.
Flashflight is long lasting, waterproof, tough and tons of glowing fun!

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Finally play frisbee with friends at night! Amazing fun! All the best glowing night frisbees in one online shopping store! Simply the best glow frisbees available! The Future of Fun!

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FlashFlight Light up Glowing frisbees! SOLD OUT!

Fiber Optic light up glowing frisbees are the coolest !

Color Choices:

Flashflight is a clear 10" diameter disc with an ON/OFF push switch centered in the middle of the disc. 1 LED light is attached to many fiber optic strands sent throughout the disc.
Flashflights glow is created from the fiber optics lighting up! Creating a glowing flying disc!
Glowing frisbees!
Very cool.

The long lasting Flashflight Replaceable Batteries (batteries included) gives you 120+ hours of glow Play! Flashflight is waterproof, tough and tons of night time glowing fun!

The Disco Flashflight Fades and Changes through 7 different colors.
The Blue, Red and Green Flashflights are all Ultra Bright solid colors

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Price (USD):$20.00


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Flashflight Extra batteries!

Order extra batteries and save money!

Color Choices:

Order extra batteries and save money! We buy bulk and pass on the savings to you.
Two CR2016 coin cell batteries are needed for 1 Flashflight frisbee in all colors. Flashflight battery packs last 100+ hours!

Price (USD):$4.00


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Awesome! Thank you! Quick shipping - exactly as described! A+A+A+ -H.B.
Flies great; suprisingly durable, and more than enough light for night; love it. - M.M.
sweeeeEEET product. fast shipping -R.S.
Great Item. Very satisfied. Would do business with again. Thanks ! -B.B
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Super Duper sale. Lazer fast shipper as well. A++ Going on my favorites list -S.S
great communication, thanks a lot. Very happy customer -S.T.
Fantastic product,friendly comm's,fast delivery, great price! All in all, great! -A.H.
Fun product, better than I expected. -W.M
100 % happy with everything -P.B.

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